“Roadcasting” across country Documentary in the works!

If all goes to plan, in approximately ten months, Ice and The Face is joining with the Chillside Podcast, and Greg Bencze to do a podcast tour to California and back! We would like to connect with, film with, and cross record with other podcasts the whole way there and the whole way home, releasing shows and content the whole way! AND we are filming the ENTIRE experience to cut into a documentary about adventures in podcasting! In order to do this, we will soon be launching a fundraiser to make it a reality! We KNOW we can do this and make it AWESOME! Hopefully, enough folks dig the idea to make it a reality! Any friends, artists, and/or podcasters out there want to link up with us on road in the RV or YOUR studio to do a show and have us film?

The NoSleep Podcast kicks ass!

I love this podcast, if you haven’t heard it check it out, you wont be disappointed.

they offer a free version that is about a half hour, and has 1 or 2 stories

if you get a season pass, each episode is about 2 hours, and has 5 to 6 stories.

The Nosleep Podcast is a multi-award winning anthology series of original horror stories, with rich atmospheric music to enhance the frightening tales.


The NoSleep Podcast website

EP5 – Better Call Saul – Sons of Anarchy and Ghost Rider FanFiction idea

EP5 – Better Call Saul – Sons of Anarchy and Ghost Rider FanFiction idea

You better call Saul because Chillside is on task to discuss AMCs Better Call Saul with your host Matt C Hill and guests Rick Carr and Sarah Aufiero from the Ice and the Face podcast. A taste of Ice and the Face episode 32 featuring Rodney Rush aka Combo from Breaking Bad, The Pros and Cons of Nicolas Cage and Christian Bale, Matt’s Sons of Anarchy and Ghost Rider FanFiction idea, Rick’s dystopian fiction and how working in IT Computer Support eats your soul.


WARNING: This Podcast contains many spoilers