Zydrate Videos


Working with Zydrate was my first taste filming and editing video, it kills me knowing that these videos could have been in HD but then i didn’t know what i was doing and i was learning as i went along.

Zydrate is:
Scott Fraser – Vocals
Raven Lee Morris – Guitar & Vocals
Pat Parisi – Guitar
Bryan Lozano – Bass
Matt Fraser – Drums
Videos By:    Matt C Hill – Chillside Studios

Zydrate – My Heart Like Paper (Devil’s Rejects Style)

Zydrate – “3000 Days” (Unofficial Music Video)
Zombie Movie Mash Up

Zydrate – “Shes a Widow” – Texas Chainsaw (Unofficial Video)

Zydrate – “Chemical” Resident Evil Mash Up

Zydrate – “Bed Intruder” / “So Neatly” Live at The Brighton Bar 02/26/2011

Zydrate – “Through Miles of Snow” – Let Me In

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